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The statement ‘Customer is king’ didn’t just become popular overnight, clients/consumers are an engine of every company,it is imperative for a company to have qualified leads that can easily be converted in to sales to ascertain the business’ sustainable growth and optimize (ROI) return on investment. Spending time on unqualified leads and unsolicited prospecting could be costly, time consuming and frustrating, this often leads to some future prospective clients totally refusing to pay attention to anything linked to your brand, so at Avalanche Marketing Group, as digital marketing specialists, it is our onus to bring you the prospective clients who have expressed interest in your products/services through our innovative marketing channels, without you having to conduct any vigorous costly prospecting.

Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective strategies that ascertain your message reaches your target market in the nick of time, it also enhances the opportunity to a high ROI, consumers get engaged through the contents and visuals.

Search Engine optimization

This is a strategy used to enhance the website's ranking on the results of major ‘search engines’, this in turn leads to increased number of website visitors.

SMS Campaign

This is a marketing technique that comprises of individuals who have expressed their interest in the product/services through an sms response, consumers get afforded an opportunity to opt-out if not interested in any liaison with.

Direct Marketing Campaign

This is a campaign where we take business to the consumers, there is normally a stall set up at a centre where people walk by and learn about various products and services rendered, it is quite effective as prospective clients get to ask questions that enable them to determine if the products offered or services rendered are in line with their needs.

AVM Campaign

Automated Voice Message is mass communication technique that delivers a personalized pre-recorded message that gets broadcasted to thousands of cell phone users or landlines in a short period of time, it affords the recipient of the call an opportunity to interact or to be diverted to a call centre by using the phone’s keypad, using the same method the recipient gets an option to opt-out if not interested or if they need their details to be removed from the contact list.

Telemarketing Campaign

This is a telephonic campaign where leads get warmed up and pre-qualified prior to being sent to our affiliates, so clients in this category have expressed interest in hearing about specific product(s) or service(s).

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